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Here is how things work........due to constant changes in computer technology, an on-site appointment is not necessary! When you call me at 610-974-9528, I'll ask you to e-mail or send me your present resume and will email you a sample resume in your field. If you don't have a resume for me to work from, I'll send you a questionnaire that you can fill out and send back. I'll need three days to get it done and will email you with the finished product. If changes need to be made, I would be happy to make them and get them back to you the same day.

The cost for this service is only $110.00 payable in cash or check at the time of the first draft. PayPal should also be considered as it is a viable option as it is safe and you needn't be a member. Just click on the button at the bottom of a page and the process is started.

This whole process will take 3 to 5 days.

Of course, your confidentiality is ensured at all times and no personal information is asked or required; i.e., SS #, credit card or bank account numbers, marital status, age, etc.

I will be happy to send samples of my work........just e-mail me at: and I will respond immediately!


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